Friday, October 17, 2008

Endive with Apple & Honey

I was trying to think of an easy appetizer to go with dinner this week and this came to mind. It’s such a simple recipe that can be thrown together in minutes and has intense delicious flavor. I love the combination of blue cheese and apple, which is such a classic pairing. I usually do this with a crostini, but didn’t want to bother with slicing and browning bread, so substituted endive instead. I love the crunch the endive added to the dish, and it cut out a lot of calories and prep time.

Endive with Apple & Honey

2 Endives
4 Ounces Blue Cheese (I used a really pungent gorgonzola)
1 Sweet Red Apple, cut into thin slices

Trim ends off the endive and separate the leaves. Fill each leaf with a little blue cheese, and then press the apple slice into the blue cheese to hold it in place. Drizzle with a little honey, and serve.


Garrison said...

Ok, that looks so yummy...were they a big hit? We're back from Paris this weekend...would like to see you soon.

dp said...

That looks like a very simple but elegant appetizer. When I first started eating pungent cheeses, I had to add raisins or honey because I wasn't used to the strong taste. Now I do it because I like the sweet, salty and pungent all together.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Always looking for easy appetizer ideas -- thanks for this one. So many good flavors going on -- who needs the bread? I'm bookmarking...

Jan said...

That sounds so simple, but it looks spectacular. Great presentation.

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