Sunday, July 12, 2009

There is nothing better than that first sweet taste of fresh corn on the cob during summer. I just picked up some corn on a whim when I was at the store this week and crossed my fingers that it would be sweet and delicious, well I was not disappointed! I love corn grilled, boiled, baked in foil, actually any which way, but this is my favorite way to prepare it.

Corn on the Cob

Parmesan Cheese

Cook the corn your favorite way, I usually husk mine and just throw it on the grill, but it was raining so I couldn't, so I boiled it for a few minutes. Next cover it in butter, Parmesan cheese and paprika. The saltiness of the cheese really brings out sweetness in the corn and the paprika just adds a hint of interest. Please enjoy!


Pam said...

Nice. I am loving corn on the cob this summer - this a simple recipe but totally kicks up the flavor of regular corn. Nicely done!

Jan said...

I had corn the other night, I cook it in foil on the bbq with butter, lemon, and fresh chives, delish.

I had never thought to use cheese on corn, but you are the second person to suggest it, now I'm thinking I need to give it a try.
Thanks again for the inspiration.

I hope work is getting a little less hectic for you.