Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicken Fried Steak & Gravy

I am on vacation this week and am so excited to get back in the kitchen. I went and visited my parents in Boise over the weekend and had a blast, and mom cooked for me, what a treat. I have a bunch of new recipes that I want to try over the next couple days, so I should be posting more regularly.
I remember eating chicken fried steak growing up and absolutely love it. It’s funny how many people I know have never had it before. It’s really quick to make and cube steak is really inexpensive, so it’s an easy way to make a hearty meal in no time with little cost. I usually serve this with mashed potatoes, or a warm biscuit.

Chicken Fried Steak & Gravy

1 Cup Flour, plus 2 Tablespoons
½ Cup Cornmeal
1 Tablespoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Pepper
1 Pound Cubed Steak, cut into 4 pieces
2 Tablespoons Butter
4 Cups Whole Milk
Vegetable Oil or Crisco, for frying

Mix the one cup of flour, cornmeal, salt and pepper on a plate to combine. Heat a large heavy bottomed frying pan with ¼ inch oil over medium high heat. Dredge the steaks in the flour mixture to coat, place into frying pan. Cook steaks until browned on first side, then flip and continue cooking until other side is golden brown. Remove from pan and place on a paper-towel lined plate.
To make the gravy drain the oil from the pan and place back on burner over medium heat. Add butter and reserved flour and cook until light brown. While whisking add the milk and continue to whisk until milk starts to boil, it will thicken quickly. Season gravy with salt and pepper to taste. Plate up the steaks and cover with gravy, enjoy.


Pam said...
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Pam said...

You are killing me...I love chicken fried steak but I haven't had it for so long.

P.S. I grew up in Idaho - did you?

Jason said...

I did, born in Twin Falls and grew up in Boise.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

I haven't tried chicken fried steak for real. This looks yummy!

Pam said...


I grew up in Hailey. My parents now live near Buhl. Small world.