Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Pantry!

My Pantry!
So I was reading one of my personal favorite food blogs The Perfect Pantry, and decided to copy what she did. She has taken pictures of her pantry and posted them on her food blog, and has asked people to submit pictures to her so she can post them on her blog. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I am sending her my picture today, yikes!
To be honest I opened up my pantry and gasped, oh my god, how did it get so messy? Did a tornado come through here and do this? No, it’s just that I have too much stuff and not enough shelf space in my tiny kitchen. I have now decided that I need to install more storage somewhere in my kitchen so I can get more organized. When I clean out the pantry I usually have everything separated by grouping, all canned goods together, baking stuff together, spices together, etc…now it’s all jumbled, so enjoy the look into my secret cupboard of goodies!

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