Thursday, July 19, 2007

Turkish Coffee

I absolutely love coffee, when I came across Turkish coffee at my friends house, I immediately went out and bought and ibrik so I could make it at home. I think I will be buzzed all day from the caffeine!
Turkish Coffee
Fill your ibrik with cold water until it reaches the neck of the ibrik. Add 3 heaping teaspoons of Turkish ground coffee and 2 heaping teaspoons of sugar, do not stir.Heat over a medium flame and watch very closely. After a few minutes the coffee will begin to foam, when the foam reaches the top of the ibrik, immediately remove from the stove and then stir.Place back over flame and let foam again until it reaches the top, remove and stir. Repeat one more time.Scoop a spoonful of foam into each demitasse glass and then pour in your coffee. Let stand for a minute before drinking so the coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the glass.

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Rula said...

I'am also Turkish Coffee addicted .

if you were Turkish Coffee addicted you should drink it without sugar. never sugar at all.

then you will feel the charm of real Coffee taste.

sildenafil said...

I also love coffee, and I had the opportunity of trying this coffee about 5 months ago. I can say it is the most delicious coffee I've ever tried.

viagra online said...

Nothing like a good Turkish coffee directly from the store.