Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tea Sandwiches

I made these for Patti’s Birthday party as one of the appetizers and they are so easy to make and so good. All you have to do is get really good bread and your favorite flavors of cream cheese. In this picture I have three different types of sandwiches. I did a dill pumpernickel bread with salmon cream cheese, a wheat bread with garden vegetable cream cheese, and sweet white bread with garlic cream cheese. Just cut the crust off the bread, spread your cream cheese (make sure it’s room temperature so it’s easily spreadable) and then cut into the desired shape. To dress these up a bit I spread a little plain cream cheese on the side and dipped them in minced chives.I have used this recipe for last minute appetizers, light lunch with a salad, or even on a tray for a buffet, as they are finger friendly! Hope you enjoy!

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