Saturday, May 9, 2009

Manhattan & My New Tattoo

I don’t usually like whiskey, but if it’s sweetened up and ice cold, it’s pretty darn good. My friend Greg discovered the most delicious cherries when he was at the Secret Society (if you haven’t been there you need to try it out!) The brand is Luxardo, they are a bit expensive, $15 per jar, but well worth it. The Cherries are packed in a thick almost molasses-type flavored syrup. Also, go for the good vermouth, it really makes the difference in a good cocktail.


3 Ounces Whiskey
2 Ounces Sweet Vermouth
Few Shakes of Bitters
Luxardo Cherries

Drizzle a martini glass with a bit of the Luxardo cherry syrup. In a shaker full of ice, add the whiskey, vermouth, and bitters, shake until well chilled. Pour into martini glass and garnish with a few cherries. Cheers!
Now for the tattoo…I totally got called out by an “anonymous” commenter from my last post (although I think I know who you are). I just got this a few weeks ago, and wanted it to heal before I posted it. It’s a French whisk on my left forearm. LOL, leave it to a foodie to get a whisk tattoo!


Pam said...

I've never had a Manhattan but I think I would really like it.

I am loving your tattoo - I think it's great!

Jan said...

Love the tat - but sorry to say, I'm not too sure about the drink.

My boy, your whiskey education is severely lacking.:-) IMHO, the only whiskey worth drinking is Scotch Whiskey. (Whiskey can only be called Scotch if it is produced in Scotland). And I would never add vermouth to it, or god forbid, cherries, just a wee dram of water, which is how the Scottish drink it. Unless it's an aged malt like Glenfiddich, then just savor as is. Divine. I don't drink it very often though, as it's just too good, and very expensive.

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