Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White Wine Sangria

I have been so excited about the sunshine and warm weather the last few days I thought it was time to make a batch of sangria. I usually make a red wine sangria, but felt like that might be a bit heavy yesterday so I switched it up a bit and made it white. I love the combination of citrus with pineapple and peaches and this was my inspiration for this recipe. You can really use any combination of fruit that you like, and berries are always a welcome addition. I like my sangria pretty sweet, but if you like yours a little more tart, then cut back on the amount of sugar. The overall flavor of this recipe is peach/apricot but it could be easily changed to pineapple if you just use pineapple juice in the place of the apricot nectar. In other words, you really can’t go wrong here, just add and taste and adjust to your liking. I know it’s cloudy again today, but if you make a pitcher of this and sit on the couch with a good book and blanket it just might feel like summer!

White Wine Sangria

2 Lemons
2 Limes
1 Orange
1 Red Apple
28-Ounce Can Sliced Peaches in Syrup
28-Ounce Can Pineapple Chunks in Syrup
½ Cup Sugar
12-Ounce Can Apricot Nectar
1.5 Litre Bottle Chablis White Wine, use the cheap stuff here!
12-Ounce Can 7up
1 Bottle Champagne

Cut the lemons, limes, orange, and apple into thin slices and place in a large container. Next add the peaches and pineapple with the syrup. Add the sugar, apricot nectar, and white wine, stir until sugar is dissolved and taste for sweetness, adjust to taste. Just before serving add the 7up and champagne and serve chilled, you may need a few ice cubes! This recipe is pretty large and will be enough for 6-8 people. Cheers!


Pam said...

Oh yummy! I could go for one of those tonight. Great photo Jason.

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

MMMMM...Jason!! I love this drink!! Looks special & lovely!

I think if you buy the better wine that you could taste the difference! Yum!

tamilyn said...

Oh yummy! I love sangria and have wanted to try a white wine version. I'll be printing this out to try soon-hopefully our weather will be sangria-worthy soon!

Jan said...

Enough for 6-8 people, I guess that depends on how thirsty you are. :-)

Seriously though, this looks like a cool, refreshing drink for the long hot summer nights.

Maris said...

White wine sangria is literally one of my favorite drinks (maybe 2nd to mojitos!) I'm so excited to have a good recipe for them now.

Anonymous said...

I made this using Peach Schnapps instead of the nectar...whoooooooo!!

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Delicious drink, it is my favorite since the moment I tasted.

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Nothing like a good sangria after hard day, thanks for the recipe!